Frequently Asked Questions

How do I report a code violation?

You may make a complaint by filling out our Online Code Violation Compliant,  submit a Code Complaint Form at the Building Department, or by filling out the form and submitting it by email or fax to (209) 754-6328. We do not accept complaints over the phone.

How do I obtain a permit?

Contact the Building Department at (209) 754-6390.

Am I still responsible if the property was that way when I bought it?

Yes. Once you purchase a property, you are responsible for any outstanding violations.

Can I remain anonymous?

We do not accept and will not investigate anonymous complaints. However, your identity and information are kept strictly confidential.

Who turned me in?

We receive complaints from a number of sources including internal referrals, outside agencies, and the general public. This information is kept confidential.

Does Code Compliance enforce overgrown vegetation?

While Code Compliance does not enforce overgrown vegetation, we recommend everyone keep their properties clear of anything that could be a fire hazard. Contact your local fire department for tips on fire prevention.

How do I resolve an easement dispute?

The County does not enforce easement disputes. These are personal legal matters and are resolved civilly. You may wish to contact an attorney for legal advice.

Do I need a permit for my Shipping Container?

I submitted a complaint. Why hasn’t anyone contacted me?

Due to caseload, we typically only contact reporting parties if more information is needed. You are always welcome to contact Code Compliance for an update or to provide more information.

I received a notice from your department. What do I do?

Contact our department at (209) 754-6326 to get in contact with officer handling your case.  Have the notice along with your case number for reference when you call.